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Our delicious WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE WOMEN is a proper meal replacement and helps you lose weight effectively. The WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE WOMEN has been perfectly matched and optimized by our experts to meet the needs of the female body and reach maximum results! Thanks to high-quality combined proteins, the best complex carbohydrates, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals and trace elements, the WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE WOMEN is the absolute premium product for your body goals!

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The SHAKE for successful weight loss!

Designed for women More than 50% protein content for optimal muscle development
For weight loss and definition Contains 25 important vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and trace elements
100% PREMIUM QUALITY - Made in Germany Includes biotin & coenzyme Q10 for anti-aging
Minimal calories in a full meal Contains bee honey and high quality natural vitamin C
No food cravings and maximum satiation

How does the shake work?

By replacing two of your daily main meals, you'll achieve the calorie reduction your body needs in order to lose weight. By replacing a meal, you can maintain your weight and define your body perfectly.

Thanks to cleverly combined high-quality proteins and the nutritious grain oats with the addition of the proven purely plant-based ingredient Glucomannan, it’s very filling and fully replaces a complete main meal in a low-calorie way. Drink sufficient water throughout the day to get the best results and prevent cravings!


183 kcal






Nutrition facts 50g powder WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE for women.

"Seductively good taste"

Let yourself be seduced by our delicate flavours every day and enjoy our creamy shake with its perfectly balanced sweetness in its purest form with fresh alpine milk, or with frozen or fresh fruits, depending on your preference. The possibilities are endless as there are no limitations when you use your imagination to create a new healthy shake every day, which supports you in losing weight.

More than 50% protein for your muscle development!

You have high standards and don’t only want to lose weight, but build and maintain muscle too? Our optimally supplemented protein ratio has been raised to the maximum that your body is able to absorb in proteins from a meal. A shake will provide you with 35g of the highest quality proteins, which will enhance your training and body definition phase perfectly. Why not even more proteins? A higher protein content cannot be processed by your body and would be excreted, meaning essential substances for the absorption of proteins would be missing. We have optimally combined our shake with these valuable substances in order to guarantee the best possible absorption of protein. The added vitamin B6 helps the enzymes split the proteins in order to transport the dissected amino acids into the bloodstream.

Through high-quality carbohydrates, such as the ingredient grain oats, your body releases more insulin. The increased insulin level helps the muscles absorb amino acids, which is especially essential whilst body building. Other valuable ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements also serve in absorbing proteins and boost your fat metabolism, strengthen your bones and joints and serve as a power boost for your workout!

Anti-Aging Effekt & Fettstoffwechsel

Anti-aging effect & fat metabolism

Our experts have supplemented the shake with high quality and perfectly combined ingredients that women should take on a daily basis in order to stay slim and beautiful. For an anti-aging effect we have increased the amount of biotin and added coenzyme Q10. In combination, these two cosmetic products are considered to be the beauty complex that lets your skin, hair and nails shine.

Best weight loss results!

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